Sunshine Safari New Born Bedding Set

With the Sunshine Safari Bed-e-Byes new born bedding bale you have all you need for your little one from birth

The Bed-e-Byes Sunshine Safari 4 Piece New Born Bedding Bale contains:
    1 x Sunshine Safari Cot / Cot bed Bumper, 155 x 35cm, 50%/50% Polyester / Cotton, Suitable from birth until baby can sit up unaided.
    1 x Sunshine Safari Fleece Blanket, 120 x 155cm, 100% Polyester
    1 xSunshine Safari 0-6 month Sleep Bag. Suitable from 0-6 months. Please note not suitable for babies less than 7lb
      1 x 2 pack Cream Flat Sheet, 120cm x 155cm, 50%/50 Polyester / Cotton